Westerly Creek Metropolitan District Candidates for Director of the Board of Directors

Westerly Creek Candidates Statement for May 2018 Election 

Westerly Creek Metropolitan District
Candidates for Director of the Board of Directors  (Election: May 8, 2018)

The following information was provided by each of the candidates for director for the Board of Directors and has not been modified by the District. The information is provided in an effort to inform voters about each of the candidates. Candidates’ names appear in the order in which they will appear on the ballot.

T. Patrick Teegarden — No information provided by candidate by the deadline.

Tim Thornton — As both a resident and commercial property owner in Stapleton, I care deeply about our local community and have a long-term interest in maintaining and improving our infrastructure in a fiscally sustainable way. I have strived to do this as an elected member of the WCMD board over the past four years, two as Vice Chairman. I am seeking reelection to continue this work and believe the institutional knowledge and experience gained as an existing board member make me a strong candidate.
By day, I work as a consultant to the public infrastructure industry, developing strategies to help pay for infrastructure, including estimating the revenue-generating potential of metro districts such as the WCMD. By night, I chase my kids around and help with marketing and management decisions as a co-owner of Four Friends Kitchen. I believe I have a unique combination of skills to continue to provide the oversight and due diligence necessary to facilitate sound and informed decision making as a member of the Board of Directors.

Tom Downey — While I am best known for having run the Children’s Museum for many years, my most important job is as the father of Meg (Westerly Creek Elementary), Ella (McAuliffe) and Cate (East). My wife, Lori Fox, and I have lived in Stapleton with our kids since 2005.
As a member of the Westerly Creek Metro District Board for four years and two years as Chair, I’ve worked to create more openness and accountability in how the district operates and spends our taxes, from what was a secretive district. The next few years will be crucial as WCMD will absorb the remaining parcels from the former airport, and the infrastructure construction will be nearing its completion. I want to ensure that process is conducted as well and as visibly as possible.
I bring to the table my experience as a private regulatory lawyer and former Assistant Attorney General. I’m engaged with my kids’ schools, and I’m the former chair of both the Colorado Children’s Campaign and Colorado Nonprofit Association boards.
I am pleased to have the support of all my fellow Board members: Katie Dell, Justin Ross, Tim Thornton and David Ungemah; as well as Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, State Senator Angela Williams and former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Michael Bender.

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